There was a time when refraining ourselves from watching cricket was next to impossible but today because of the problem going on in the whole planet, we have to stay at our places and pray for this coronavirus to disappear.

Yes, watching the latest matches is impossible today but we can always get fresh news of crickets, right? Then why worry, welcome on board because we have news on cricket for you that can make your day! 

You can now watch matches live, and yes; this news is true. If the country Australia will permit 15 cricket teams to enter for the T20 World cup then there will be no restrictions on the cricket fans. They will be also permitted to watch matches directly from the stadiums. This statement was declared by Nick Hockley who is working as the CEO of Cricket Australia. He disclosed this information on Saturday. 

T20 Live

We all know that every match has been postponed and planned to take place later this year, but presently we are not knowing the future so, on-one can say what exactly will happen. 

It is believed that there are different opportunities that can be grabbed in the near future and people are working on it and with the proper and detailed planning, T20 matches can be done by the end of this year, again nothing is confirmed. 

When sources asked Hockley if this is the correct news that has been trending in the cricket world, he then agreed to the statement saying that it is the accurate news which all of us are getting. 

Apart from this, he also said that he will not work as a CEO for the T20 World Cup Organising Committee rather he would resign.

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What Else Hockley Added in the Interview?

When sources were interrogating Hockley about what he is thinking about all these situations, he said, “I am suffering from mixed emotions as I was very shocked when I was asked this question. It was a sudden proposal and it was quite tough for me to process the entire thing in one-go”.

Nick Hockley

He added, “In my entire career I worked with full dedication and I have tried my best to deliver according to the expectation, and I follow the same methodology in my upcoming ventures. 

Wrapping Up!

Since an era, cricket has loved my trillions of people and everyone is going through a difficult time. But still, there are many cricket organizations that are trying to schedule matches keeping all the precautions, rules, and regulations in mind. 

Let’s hope that all will be well. Till then, don’t lose hope and stay tuned with us to know more news on cricket. We will be back soon with some new cricket news. 

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