In the ICC meeting, the main agenda of the meeting is about the T20 World Cup and the IPL matches and sort of some nomination process. The nomination will be done by considering the various board members for selecting the next chairman virtually on Wednesday. This discussion is being held yesterday only approximately 22 hours before. It helps the T2 series to get a new chairman and a new agenda for the World Cup. Players and interested people will able to get massive help from this discussion.

A lot of people are connected with cricket as it is one of the best and the most considerable sport as compared to other sports. Cricket can be played on various platforms such as in the form of a PC game, an outdoor game, on local, national, or international levels. He meeting will be held on a live platform so that people can easily remain updated with time passes. Remaining updated is the best thing that you can opt for.


For more details, you can consider the below points so that you can know more about the meeting that has to be held on Wednesday.

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Further Details

Ø  The board meeting expressed its desire to evaluate and assess the rapidly changing the health of people due to COVID-19. The board members have to think about the various health situations of the various stakeholders. The planning done by the board member will help the players in keeping their proper safety while playing. In between if there is any plan of going abroad held, then there will be more safety by the board members.

Ø  The board assures that whichever the decision will take place will be taken in keeping the safety of the members of the cricket and also about their fans. In the meeting, the major aspects or agenda would be of the T20 series matches and the World Cup. The meeting will also include the agenda of COVID-19 and about how to maintain the safety fop various players. The board of members will give their best in providing the entire safety to the players so that they will remain safe and corona free.

International Cricket Council

Ø  On Wednesday, when the actual meeting will take place, then you will able to know about the exact discussion by the board members. The discussion will help you to know about the T20 World Cup, and it will also help you know what to do in the current COVID-19 situation. The board has also launched an inquiry about the various concerns over the confidentiality of the functioning of the meeting. You will also be able to know about the new chairman of the T20 with the votes of the board of members.

Wrap It Up

By considering the above information, you will able to understand the various agendas and aspects of the T20. It will help you to know about the World Cup and also about the new chairman of cricket. You might be curious about the new updates on Wednesday but try to be attentive while watching the live agendas by the board of members.