Source: My Khel

New Zealand’s newly appointed chairman of International Cricket Council, Greg Barclay, says that World Test Championship has not achieved its intended goal. The disturbance caused by Covid-19 has highlighted it’s “shortcomings.”

Barclay suggested that WTC going “back to the drawing board” after the latest-maiden competition not showing the intended results. It’s going out of the way.

“In short, I don’t think so. Covid has probably highlighted its shortcomings of the championship,” ICC Chairman said on a virtual conference of wire services when asked about the WTC purpose.

The World Test Championship was positively affected by the pandemic as it is impossible to finish all the scheduled matches along with the WTC final at Lords. It has pushed ICC to develop the middle ways as “a percentage allocation of points.”

I wonder whether some of it was because of an attempt to develop a Test Championship, clearly designed to drive interest back into Test cricket, provide a bit of context and relevance around the Test matches,” Greg Barclay said.

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“From an idealist’s point of view, probably it had a lot of merit but practically, I do disagree, I am not sure whether it has achieved what it intended to do,” he added.

ICC Chairman said that he had the support of some full-member nations who agree on rethinking about the matter. “Yeah, I think there would be some countries (who agree with the rethink). It is difficult for some of the full members as they simply can’t afford to play Test cricket,” said Barclay.

“Test cricket has got its legacy and I am a purist but I do accept that as much as I want to keep it as it is, less and less countries are able to afford that arrangement and are able to play it,” he added.