Cricket is one of the most loved and preferred sports in the present time and as the time has changed the craze for it is increasing day by day in the hearts of the people. There are many people who love to watch it while there are some of the people who not only watch it but also earn money from it by making predictions regarding the match or by predicting the runs. Betting is a simple term and is understood by all the people. This term simply refers to the risk of money and one of the parties wins while the other one has to lose their money. There are different levels of this and has been a matter of serious issue for years but the permanent solution for this has not been found yet and still this practice is going on with full power. 

Betting in the field of cricket is now becoming fashionable and it is present on both the levels, whether it is on the small level or at a higher level. The people who are playing it on the lower level are doing it so that they can earn a little penny or they can add more enjoyment to watching cricket. The people who are taking betting in cricket to a higher level are doing it for money only and they test their skills so that they can make it a source of income. As the time has changed and the craze for this has been increasing, therefore there are many companies who have started their business in this field and set some of the norms to be followed while a person is betting in the field of cricket. Each company holds some additional norms based on their company standards but there are some of the common norms that need to be followed while betting in cricket like all other games in the world.

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Some of the cricket betting rules that a company provides to the players are as follows 

cricket match has different rules
  1. There are some of the betting limits like the number of people that can play or the amount of money that can be risked at a time or up to a limit: Mainly in most of the companies the starting limit is 1 IBR and can be exceeded to about 100 IBR.
  2. Each match has different rules and different lines for gaining the points and earns money but there are some of the people who at the last moment deny from it so for them there are some strict actions or an agreement is done beforehand.
  3. The money has to be kept or the things that are at risk should be kept in the bet beforehand because there are many people who deny at the last moment and that are negotiation of the rules of betting.


Cricket has been a famous game

Cricket has been a famous game and has raised the craze among the people during these days and therefore there are many people who are talented enough to predict the next moves and those people take their talent to earn money.