Krikya is regarded as a highly innovative and dependable bookmaker within the context of Bangladesh. The confirmation of our reputation is derived from the extensive collection of reviews provided by numerous users. All players are provided with equitable opportunities, particularly during the initial stages of their journey. In order to facilitate this process, a highly advantageous 100% welcome bonus is made available to all individuals who have recently completed the registration process. Through the act of initiating your initial deposit, it is possible to acquire a supplementary sum of currency, reaching a maximum value of 15,000 BDT.


The brand in question offers a multitude of bonuses across all sections accessible on the website. Consequently, individuals are able to discover something that resonates with their own unique experiences and preferences. The structure and meticulous consideration behind each bonus ensures its accessibility to all individuals, facilitating both acquisition and subsequent retrieval.


The sports 100% welcome bonus is available for up to BDT 15,000.

The availability of this bonus is exclusively limited to individuals who are new users of krikya online. The acquisition of said item shall promptly follow the completion of the initial monetary transaction. The bonus amount is contingent upon the precise value of your initial deposit. The maximum amount that can be obtained is 15,000 BDT. The wagering requirement is set at a factor of 15x. Once this condition is met, it will be possible to initiate a withdrawal of the accumulated winnings to the designated bank account.

The platform offers a weekly reload bonus of 20%, with a maximum limit of BDT 25,000.

If one is a registered user, it is possible to request this bonus on a weekly basis. As a result of this bonus, it will be feasible for you to acquire a reload bonus amounting to 20% of the cumulative wagers placed throughout the preceding week. The maximum amount that can be received is 25,000 BDT.

Cashback program

As an integral component of this bonus package, it is possible to avail oneself of the opportunity to obtain cashback on lost games, bets, and other related activities on a weekly basis. The range of cashback percentages spans from 3% to 5%, with the potential to attain a maximum amount of 50,000 BDT. If one is an active participant, it would be advisable to avail oneself of this bonus opportunity.

The Cricket Tour of Challenge (Season 2)

The special promotion catering to enthusiasts of cricket betting shall remain valid until the conclusion of September 30th. During the aforementioned time frame, it is possible to engage in the activity of placing wagers on the sport of cricket, thereby granting you the opportunity to potentially acquire a supplementary sum of currency, specifically up to 188,888 BDT.

Instructions for registration

Registration on Krikya is open to individuals who have reached the minimum age requirement of 18 years. In the event that one identifies as an adult participant, it is possible to establish an account on the designated website. Registration is accessible through both the web version and the mobile app. To accomplish this, adhere to a series of steps in accordance with the provided instructions.

1. Proceed with the registration process.

The initial action entails accessing the registration form. Please select the appropriate button and patiently await the appearance of the form on your screen.

Please access the official website of Krikya and proceed to initiate the registration process by opening the designated form.

2. Provide specific details regarding the data.

Please provide the necessary personal information in the empty fields. Kindly furnish the necessary contact details. It is imperative to ensure the accuracy of all data.

3. Ensure that all required fields are completed.

The registration process must be completed.

Upon verifying the accuracy of the provided information, please proceed to select the button in order to finalize the registration process. Upon successful completion of the necessary steps, users will be granted access to their respective accounts, thereby enabling them to commence their gaming activities.


Krikya offers a wide range of sports betting options through its comprehensive and regularly updated catalog. Sports such as Sports, Virtual Sports, Esports, Eurovision, and others have been meticulously crafted to infuse the realm of sports betting with an exhilarating surge of adrenaline. Regardless of one’s level of experience or initiation in the realm of sports betting, it is inevitable that a plethora of odds and markets will be encountered, each tailored to accommodate individual aptitude and subjective inclinations. When comparing Krikya to its competitors, it can be observed that Krikya possesses an interface that is relatively easier to navigate. Furthermore, the user’s ability to easily locate the desired sporting events is facilitated by the site’s user-friendly interface.

Krikya is considered the best choice for players

The platform for betting and casino playing is increasingly favored by a growing number of users. One might find themselves contemplating the reasons behind such a query. Let us now examine the established benefits of the Krikya for both its novel and recurring patrons. 

  •     The betting service in question is of the highest caliber.

The multitude of gambling options, elevated odds, streamlined user interface, and remarkably swift navigation collectively contribute to an indelible betting experience. 

  •     Efficient facilitation of immediate monetary disbursement and subsequent financial inflow.

Funds can be deposited within a timeframe of 1-5 minutes. The duration required to obtain funds from Krikya does not exceed a period of 24 hours. 

  •     The reward coin program is an initiative that aims to provide users with a means of earning incentives through their participation in various activities.

Customers have the opportunity to accumulate prize coins through each deposit made, thereby enabling them to partake in a game of chance. By doing so, they stand a chance to potentially acquire an unrestricted cash prize amounting to 5,000 BDT.

Various types of bets can be placed on the platform of Krikya

You are cordially invited to partake in our esteemed betting web platform. In this platform, individuals of varying levels of experience in sports betting will discover a comprehensive range of options tailored to their preferences. Krikya com offers a range of sporting events, including Cricket and Soccer, to its users. 

The platform serves as a comprehensive hub for individuals in Bangladesh who engage in cricket and soccer betting activities. Krikya provides cricket enthusiasts with comprehensive access to forthcoming events and real-time results. Currently, the betting site provides comprehensive coverage of the latest developments pertaining to esteemed tournaments, including but not limited to the Bangladesh Premier League, Indian Premier League, T20, and various other notable competitions. 

Both in-play and live sports betting options are available for exploration with the esteemed Krikya bookie. The Indian Premier League events are widely recognized as one of the most sought-after sports competitions for individuals interested in placing wagers. It is pertinent to note that the aforementioned website operates as a cricket betting exchange. Prior to that, it is advisable to peruse the Krikya cricket live score available on the internet.

The present sportsbook is upheld by the following vendors:

  •   IBC Sports;
  •   BTi Sports;
  •   PP Virtual Sport;
  •   BetSwiz.

The opportunity to engage in prognostication extends to a diverse range of markets, encompassing real-time wagers featuring competitive odds. It is important to note that the existing betting terms are designed to meet the minimal requirements set by BD bettors in order to fulfill their expectations.