Esports betting is the new kind of betting that has gone famous in the market. This is because this betting is one of the newest in the market, and it already has more than a million people. It is because Esports is one of the largest gaming communities in the whole world. That is why people who are interested in gambling, betting, and Esports choose this option. This is because they can bet on Esports as well as enjoy them at the same time.

At first, the gambling and betting market was only restricted to casinos and other stuff. But with the evolution of technology, everything got converted into an online format. Due to the demand of the people, they had to start the Esports apps for bets. Not only did they make apps, but they had also made the option of Esports betting available on the website.

What is the mobile version of Esports betting?

Earlier in the day’s people used to make all kinds of bets by going to a personal sportsbook. They used to take the bets and then give them physical receipts to keep so that they can redeem them afterwards. Then later, when the technology evolved in the year 2016, they made everything

They made all the kind of gambling and also betting in the online format so everyone can play. Due to which their community of gamblers kept on growing as people from home can also gamble. Then they created the mobile app for these betting sites and released it in late 2018. This means that by the year 2019, these apps were made and released in the market for public use. There are different apps like bet 365, 10 cric, Bwin, 888 sport, and many more.

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How is Esports spectated today?

At first, the Esports event used to be spectated while physically going to the arena where it’s being held. But nowadays, they have kept it in the online option, and you can spectate it on the websites and the apps. Also, another thing is that the live streaming of these tournaments is free on the internet. But if you are physically going, you will need to pay the fees for entering and watching. You can watch the Esports match either on smartphones, tablets, PC, laptops, or your smart TV.

What is a different kind of bet in the market?

Here is the list of different bets that are made in the market.

Standard bet

These are the bet which is made on which team will win the match, and you can even watch
them online.

Special bet

These are the special offer bets which are created by the booker just for the user.

Live bet

These are the bets which you can make in real-time, either on the app or the website.