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Cricket News

Views of Rabada on COVID 19 and the IPL 

These days, when the whole world is facing the worst attack of COVID-19, players are also sharing different stories and views about the game and some other things. Cricket is also one such game where players are expressing their different views about the same or some different topics.

Cricket News

T20 World Cup – Decision to be taken on Next Month 

In the ICC meeting, the main agenda of the meeting is about the T20 World Cup and the IPL matches and sort of some nomination process. The nomination will be done by considering the various board members for selecting the next chairman virtually on Wednesday.

Cricket News

Pakistan cricket squad to leave for England on 28th June 

Cricket – a game for some, passion for many. Today, every individual who deeply and madly loves to see cricket or play cricket is missing to see their favorite players on the pitch and the only option that is in hands is to wait for the situation of COVID-19 to come under control.

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