There are many betting sites available on the internet, but if you are a true betting fan and would like to get most out of your bets, you need to choose the betting site wisely. Among all betting sites, the most popular betting site is Bet365. 

So, what are the facts that you must know about Bet365? Here are all the interesting facts about Bet365.

Top 4 interesting Facts about Bet365

Top 4 interesting Facts about Bet365

The Basics on Bet365

Bet365 started in Staffordshire more than 17 years ago by someone named Denise Coates. The most unique and interesting fact about Bet365 is it still runs as a family operation. Bet365 has more than 2000 employees that can give you Bet365 cricket tips and it is popular in the UK, Australia, and parts of Asia.

Bonus offered by Bet365

The main question that comes to your mind is what about bonus on Bet365? and how much amount they are giving as a bonus? But the interesting fact is that Bet365 gives players the best and most generous welcome bonus compared to other betting sites. 

You will be surprised by knowing that the bonus of Bet365 is a match of 100% to your very first deposit. To claim your welcome bonus, you have to do is register and then submit your deposit. After completion of this step, you will get an email with your special Bonus code from Bet365, which you can use within a week. If you are not living within the United Kingdom, then also you will get a welcome bonus.

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Lots of betting options in cricket

If you are a cricket fan, and also interested to play cricket on Bet365, then there are plenty of options to play. Like you’ll have T10 league, any test series, twenty20 world cup, big bash women’s league, and many more. You can also stream live cricket matches. 

You can also sort matches by all or matches running within the time duration. Also, you can get useful Bet365 cricket tips to play efficiently.

Other sports markets

Other sports markets

Not only cricket, but there are also many sports markets. If you are interested in more than one sport, then you can participate in Table tennis, Aussie rules, Hockey, Netball, bowls, Kabaddi, and UFC. 

Betting is like the stock market and it’s too risky once you throw away a countless quantity of cash, you are risking too much in Bet365. You can also purchase a tip for the bet. Live betting Bet365 provides a wide range of live bets.


So, if you are interested in Online betting, then you should try Bet365 at least once. These are some of the best bet365 cricket tips, and interesting facts that you as a cricket lover must know. Stay tuned with us if you want to know more cricket tips, we will be coming soon with more amazing news for you related to your favorite sports. Till then keep enjoying yourself with your friends.