This wide selection of cricket betting sites and markets seem similar to us all, but Betway has something unique and intriguing for you. Betway is a must-visit platform for many reasons. That is because of the commitment they offer to provide their customers with the very best cricket odds possible.

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They are the experts in this field and they are a crack team of traders that work hard day and night. They monitor the cricket odds very closely and find patterns with the help of the sportsbook against the sportsbooks of the competitors. Looking into their efforts, we highly believe and trust that they are giving you the best value available in every bet you place on a cricket match in the market.

The odds they provide can be presented in a variety of styles and also depending on each individual preferences, so you can have your cricket odds displayed in either fraction, decimal, or American-style format. All your choices are always a single click away. To provide you an additional feature along with the betting odds they are offering expert tips on cricket betting through their sports blog “The Betway insider”. This is the place to find detailed news, views, and all the cricket betting tips for the actions featured in the sportsbooks. 

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Australia bagged the victory in 1882 at The Oval. Some of the newspaper’s suggestions were that they were heading home with the ashes of the English game that was coined a new name and sealed its legendary status. Today, all the fans over the world still follow these test series between the heavyweights of this game hoping they will emerge the next ashes winners and will get crowned. The cricket we adore nowadays is spread all across the world by becoming an international sport and competition.

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To this day people who aspire to become good cricketers always dream of representing their country on an international scale and hope to become the international cricket winners. There are many types of matches tests, ODI, T20, tour tournaments, Knockout tournaments, etc. Betway has covered all the international cricket betting through a comprehensive process that is hard to visualize yet easy to understand. For every international match, anyone betting can benefit from the wide choice of pre-game and in-play matches that feature many of the best international cricket odds found all over the world.


When it comes to T20 betting all the action and the strategies of the five day matches that last three hours each, sometimes the intensity and speed can seem like a totally different thing. There is a comprehensive way the Betway takes up when it comes to this cricket type. For every encounter in the series and T20 tournaments you can easily find all the pre-game and in-play analysis of this market and it also shows you the most competitive odds of the T20 cricket, so what are you waiting for? Get into this mesmerizing world of cricket betting and start earning.