The online casino has always been a passion among Indian players and 1xslot taking into close consideration the preferences of its players does not save any effort to introduce new casino games each time, thus now we offer more than 10000 online games that are produced and tested by top-ranked programmers. All of this guarantee that the time spent with 1xslot would be of immense prosperity to you.

What namely do we offer? You can play slots meantime turn to poker and play it with your mates, in case you change your location the mobile version comes to help you, i.e. you have neither time nor location restrictions. But our merits in the industry are not limited to the mentioned we also offer 1xslot bonus to all those players that stay with us. For some of them it works as a welcoming bonus for others it is another approach to being thankful for the loyalty expressed to us. 1xslot  highly appreciates the loyal ones and processes promo codes to maintain trust.

LIVE Casino with 1XSLOTS

LIVE Casino with 1XSLOTS

 To fully dig into the playing process, the player should be able to fully open the prospect of playing from the very first moments he enters the website. So, your first 1xslot login would directly mean that you have come to invest in your future success. This surely indicates that the process is two-sided and many-layered but we have done a lot more for you to stay tuned and allured. For the part with online casinos interactive communication with live dealers makes you feel more comfortable and livelier. Our Indian players can’t help another poker round with live dealers and shuffler.

Poker, blackjack, and baccarat is never the same with 1xslot, we offer a genuine experience of getting the new light out of the old things.  Try your good luck with 1xslot by rotating the wheel of fortune.  The availability of TV games is another plus in line with our numerous advantages. It is another proof that no player with his preferences remains in the shadow. Our marketing team works really hard to get the best out of the suggestions.

Audience examination directly impacts our gaming strategy in the long run and in the short run. It would not be an exaggeration if we mention the atmosphere of warmth and colours that 1xslot offers. So, log in, stay with us and enjoy your bonuses! Pay attention to the fact that you can also get a 1xslot no deposit bonus.

Live casino’s the most appealing things to consider is the variety of games and the interaction with the dealers. It is supported with the appropriate chat as well, so if our Indian players want to express their willingness to play or their pleasure about playing with other peers at the same table they have all the chances to express themselves in written form via live chat.

Slots with 1XSLOTS

Slots with 1XSLOTS

1xSlots offers traditional slots and those with which we stand in the industry as new providers. This is not a coincidence because we have processed the slots in a way that in most cases, the RTP of the games or namely the possibility for the players to win comprises more than 96% in total. As mentioned in the previous section in each of the separate cases we truly consider the fact of maintaining trust among our 1xSlots Indian players.

There is a chance to get a big jackpot in each of the slot games, so if you have not come across one of those fascinating chances of getting the biggest win, you should definitely not stop playing unless you have what you deserve!  So the power of luck together with the calculated risks still ensures that you will get some winning. Developing a successful slot gaming experience is not a hard ordeal. It will need some time for you to spend with us so that you grasp what brings you better outcomes.

The players are always thrilled with slots, perhaps this is one of the reasons that the players do not even feel the time spent with us as we never let you get bored.  Slot machines differ in their sizes and their design and we consider the common sizes we may say that it mostly ranges between 3×5, and 5×3. Still, there are some other configurations to settle with the machine such as the pay lines. For one slot machine, it is different in quantity and the overall some and the rows, etc. The more the pay lines the more the general probability to win.

The image reels are of immense importance as well, they are also designed considering the tastes of the players ranging from fruits and vegetables to diverse symbols. 1xslot promo codes are available for slot games as well.

Responsible gaming

Responsible gaming is a big section of ours that allows its players to stay limited to their playing habits in case they need some functional assistance. This means that we offer functionality on our website that allows the players to limit their deposits, control their time spent with us, and also to get notifications of the time they spent online.

It is also possible to set the limits for several days or weeks or months, but in case the player wants to stop playing for a certain period of time, we still have something to offer to him. He may prefer to self-exclude himself. But the process is not an irreversible one because you may turn to us and our back-office users will help you to configure your limits.

The whole idea of responsible gaming is to think a step ahead of the players, not to get them too involved in gaming, not to invest more or lose more, or just to be able to control their gaming activities while still being a part of ours. 

Deposit limits

Deposit limits

Responsible gaming measures differ. Let us enumerate some of them and try to explain them in general terms ( yet, should you need any assistance in this manner, you are free to contact us any time you wish).  Deposit limits- if the player feels that his deposits into the account are more than he has planned, he can configure limits on that, i.e. set a period of a day or a week or a month and specify the amount beyond which he does not want to deposit into his account. If he forgets about the limit the system reminds him that he has reached the limit, still it is configurable. 

Another type of limit is the withdrawal limit, though this is not that famous among the players and one cannot suggest how much the players should withdraw from their accounts, yet if the need comes one may prefer this kind of limitation as well. Self-exclusion is the case when the player wants to take some rest from gaming, thus he specifies a period which again can be a day, a week, a month or even a year, and he prefers not to do any gaming activities. The configuration is not later on possible to adjust but if the player has some truly reasonable excuses, he may turn to our customer services to change the limit.

The thing is that sometimes the players activate this or that limit by mistake and they by no means need some help from our side. In the case of each of the limits, a notification appears on the main page of their gaming accounts and states that the limit is applied to the account and will be valid till the specified period.

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Bet limits and net loss limits

1xslot  also allows its players to make bet limits and net loss limits. The first one regulates the amount that the players deposit into their amount and later on makes bets with them. If the player specifies some amount of betting exceeding which he does not want to make a bet for a certain period of time it means that the system will again send a reminder about it.

The limit also considers some period of time, i.e., the bet limit restriction for a day, a week or a month. The other option for limiting is net loss limiting. Let us consider that the player has no limit on bets, deposit or withdrawal, and still want to play so self-exclusion is not an option, thus he may prefer to control his funds with a net loss limit, i.e. To prevent himself from losing more than intended. This option also can be set in amount or in time limits.